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  • Modalidad: Distancia.


  • Duración: 80 horas.


  • Objetivos:


Distinguir y usar correctamente los tiempos verbales de presente, pasado y futuro. Conocer y utilizar el adjetivo en grado comparativo y superlativo. Reconocer, usar y  colocar correctamente los adverbios de frecuencia. Usar correctamente el artículo definido e indefinido. Reconocer un verbo modal y conocer sus usos y matices. Posicionar correctamente “too” y “enough” respecto a la palabra que acompañan. Reconocer  y  utilizar correctamente un verbo frasal.

Usar el estilo indirecto con oraciones afirmativas. Reconocer nombres contables e incontables y utilizar los cuantificadores adecuados. Conocer y usar los diferentes  tipos de oraciones condicionales. Conjugar verbos regulares e irregulares. Posicionar correctamente los adjetivos. Conocer y utilizar diferentes tipos de conectores y cuantificadores. Usar correctamente la pregunta coletilla. Aplicar la voz pasiva del verbo.



  • Contenidos:


UNIT 1: Heroes and Villains


Topics: people (character and appearance)

Vocabulary: character adjectives; appearance; personal qualities. Antonyms; adjectives with prepositions

Reading: Characters Larger than Life (multiple choice). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (m/c cloze). Literature corner: Scandal in Bohemia by Conan Doyle (T/F)

Grammar: present simple/continuous; stative verbs; adverbs of frequency; question words. Phrasal verbs: GET

Listening: Multiple choice; multiple matching (missing sentences)

Speaking: describing fictional characters; making choices; socialising; describing people. Intonation: expressing surprise and concern

Writing: a letter giving advice. Portfolio: description of a hero/villain; classified ad; e-mail to a friend



UNIT 2: Lifestyles


Topics: jobs and places; lifestyles; the city and the country

Vocabulary: city life/country life; jobs and job qualities; describing places; parts of a town; commuting. Antonyms; adjectives with prepositions; adj-n phrases

Reading: A City Slicker or a Country Lover? (T/F). Signs (multiple choice) Culture clip: celebration: dream town USA (m/c cloze)

Grammar: comparatives and superlatives; -ing/infinitive forms; specific/general preferences. Phrasal verbs: PUT

Listening: listening for detailed meaning; multiple matching (missing sentences)

Speaking: introducing oneself; expressing likes/dislikes; asking for/giving directions; talking about jobs; expressing preferences; (role-play) job interview; des cribbing pictures. Intonation: stressed syllables

Writing: a letter of application. Portfolio: article about where you live; description of neighbourhood; questions for a quiz.



UNIT 3: Earth Calling


Topics: the environment; endangered species

Vocabulary: environmental problems and solutions; endangered animals and protected species

Reading: The Earth in our hands (T/F). No ordinary zoo (m/c cloze). RRS Ernest Shackleton Captain’s Log (multiple choice)

Grammar: present perfect simple/continuous; clauses of purpose. Phrasal verbs: RUN

Listening: completing missing information; multiple choice

Speaking: improving one’s town/city; a short talk from notes; describing pictures; reacting to news; acting out a dialogue; (role-play) at Customs

Writing: notes. Portfolio: poster about the environment; article about a zoo; letter to a friend



UNIT 4: Traveller’s Tale


Topics: holidays; climate/weather; transport

Vocabulary: types of holidays, sites and resorts; climate and weather; holiday equipment; means of transport. Prepositional phrases

Reading: Looking for the ideal getaway? (multiple matching-short texts). Literature Corner: Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift (multiple matching-missing sentences)

Grammar: present/past participles; past simple/continuous; linkers; the definite/indefinite article; used to/would. Phrasal verbs: COME

Listening: multiple matching; listening for specific information; completing missing information

Speaking: narrating experiences; expressing feelings; checking in; complaining/apologising; giving travel information; expressing disapproval; describing pictures. Intonation: expressing annoyance

Writing: a story. Portfolio: holiday advertisement; weather forecast; factfile about your country



UNIT 5: On Offer


Topics: shops and shopping; clothes/accessories

Vocabulary: types of shops and shopping; products; clothes; describing objects; gifts; home. Prepositional phrases; antonyms.

Reading: Checking out second-hand city (multiple choice). Signs and notices (multiple choice). Culture clip: Styles of Homes (multiple matching)

Grammar: modal verbs; making assumptions/requests; too/enough; order of adjectives. Phrasal verbs: LOOK

Listening: listening for specific information; listening for gist; multiple choice; multiple matching

Speaking: asking about prices; calming down; describing objects; offering/accepting gifts; asking for/buying things; (role-play) salesperson/customer. Intonation: losing patience.

Writing: a report assessing good and bad points. Portfolio: description of the best place to shop; page for a clothes catalogue; poster of school/work rules



UNIT 6: Happy Days!


Topics: celebrations; festivals and events

Vocabulary: traditional celebrations and customs; festive activities; feelings; greetings cards. Verbs with prepositions

Reading: A Traditional Irish Wedding (T/F). Culture Clip: Bizarre Annual Events in the UK (multiple matching)

Grammar: future forms; future continuous; question tags. Phrasal Verbs: BREAK

Listening: listening for gist; listening for specific information; intonation

Speaking: a short talk from notes; describing celebrations and customs; making arrangements; inviting; congratulating and thanking. Intonation in question tags

Writing: postcard. Portfolio: article about a traditional wedding; greetings cards; e-mail to a friend



UNIT 7: Eating out!


Topics: places to eat; food and drinks

Vocabulary: restaurant-related words; the supermarket; recipes and cooking methods; tastes; cutlery, crockery and appliances; quantities; menus. Verbs with prepositions

Reading: A Taste of Toronto (multiple matching-short texts). Literature Corner: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl (comprehension questions)

Grammar: countables/uncontables; quantifiers; indefinite pronouns; past perfect simple/continuous. Phrasal verbs: GIVE

Listening: multiple choice; listening for specific information; multiple matching; to take notes

Speaking: discussing food preferences/tastes; (role-play) eating out/ordering a meal; comparing table manners; describing pictures. Intonation: stressed syllables

Writing: a story. Portfolio: description of an unusual restaurant; recipe for a local dish; shopping list



UNIT 8: Fit for Life


Topics: sports; accidents and injuries

Vocabulary: types of sport; sport injuries; places and equipment; personal qualities. Adjectives with prepositions

Reading: The Last Great Race (T/F). Messages (multiple choice). Signs (multiple matching). Literature Corner: The Olympic Anthem (reading for specific information)

Grammar: the passive; with/by; conditionals: type 0, 1; if/unless; linkers (result, addition, contrast, etc). Phrasal verbs: BRING

Listening: listening for detailed meaning; multiple choice; multiple matching; listening for specific sounds

Speaking: discussing sports; negotiating; describing pictures; expressing opinions; asking about/describing health; sympathising-giving advice; acting out dialogues. Intonation: hesitating

Writing: a pros and cons essay. Portfolio: postcard to a friend; short communicative message; sports quiz



UNIT 9: Going out!


Topics: Entertainment; the arts; charity

Vocabulary: types of entertainment; cinema and films; reviews; books and newspapers; TV jobs/programmes; theatre; charity.  Prepositional phrases; regrets

Reading: Pick of the Week (multiple matching-short texts). Graffiti-Is it an art? (open cloze). Culture Corner: Comic Relief (completing a summary)

Grammar: conditionals type 2, 3; wishes; relative clauses; so/neither. Phrasal verbs: TURN

Listening: listening for detailed meaning; multiple matching; completing missing information

Speaking: discussing entertainment; suggesting/(dis)agreeing; talking about a book/TV programmes; (role-play) booking tickets; expressing preferences; describing paintings; acting out dialogues

Writing: an informal letter reviewing a film. Portfolio: review for a school event; TV guide; interview with a graffiti artist



UNIT 10: Fast Forward


Topics: technology; education

Vocabulary: teenagers and technology; gadgets; education and technology; means of communication; text messages; processes; science; faults. Prepositional phrases; compound noun; antonyms

Reading: All About Britain’s Teenagers (multiple choice). Culture Corner: The Education System of the UK and the USA (completing missing information in tables)

Grammar: clauses of concession; all/most/some/none; reported speech; indirect questions; causative form. Phrasal. verbs: TAKE

Listening: multiple matching; to fill in gaps; listening for detailed meaning

Speaking: discussing technology; short talk from notes; conducting a survey; talking about pros and cons; describing pictures; (role-play) requesting action/giving an account of an event. Intonation in questions

Writing: a letter of complaint. Portfolio: article about teenagers in your country; text message to a friend; questions for a science quiz







  • Contenido del material:
    • Libro del Alumno: UPSTREAM B1 (Teoría + Ejercicios)
    • Libro de Gramática: GRAMMAR WAY 2 (Teoría + Ejercicios)  *En Español
    • Solucionario de Libro de Gramática: KEY GRAMMAR WAY 2
    • CD con Audiciones + Solucionario (en PDF) de  UPSTREAM B1

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